Michael Jordan gives $1.1 million donation to Laney

Laney’s most famous alumni has provided the school with a generous gift.

Michael Jordan, a 1981 graduate, recently made a donation of more than $1.1 million dollars, athletic director Fred Lynch confirmed on Thursday afternoon.

Lynch was informed about the donation by a representative from the Jordan Brand last week and the check arrived earlier this week.

“Half of it has to go toward athletics and the rest can go to athletics, but it can be used anywhere as long as it betters Laney,” Lynch said.

It’s not the first donation Jordan has made to his alma mater, and likely won’t be the last.

“Contrary to what people like to say, he’s always taken care of us,” Lynch said. “He’s always provided for the basketball teams and he came and renovated the gym about five or six years ago, so he’s always done things for us. He just doesn’t broadcast it and we don’t either.”

Lynch isn’t sure exactly how the school will use the money, but he has some early ideas.¬†Laney, along with Hoggard, got a new gym prior to the 2017-18 school year, so that is a facility that likely won’t receive any of the funds.

“There are some things at the school that we want to address, but obviously we didn’t have the money to address,” Lynch said. “It gives us an opportunity to make a lot of improvements in our football stadium and just our overall facilities.

“We’re not hurting for facilities, but there are always things we can improve and spruce up. It will go to not only the betterment of our athletes, but our overall student body.”