Boys Lacrosse Leaders: April 5, 2019

Boys lacrosse leaders will be updated each Friday. Stats are compiled from MaxPreps as well as emails from coaches.

Teams reporting this week were: Ashley, Cape Fear Academy, Hoggard, Laney, New Hanover, Topsail, West Brunswick


Jr. Kyle Hatcher, New Hanover: 71

Sr. Scout Philipp, Hoggard: 46

Sr. Hunter Williams, Hoggard: 42

Sr. Max Hunt, Ashley: 31

Sr. Camden Knowles, Laney: 28

Sr. Noah Ehinger, Laney: 27

Sr. Jake Volpe, Topsail: 25

Topsail’s Jake Volpe. [Tim Hower/Coastal Preps]

Sr. Eli Copeland, Topsail: 24

Sr. Henry Murtagh, Cape Fear Academy: 23

Soph. Nic Lord, Laney: 21

Sr. Kenan Arne, Hoggard: 19

Sr. Andy Kotz, Hoggard: 19

Soph. Gage Tanner, New Hanover: 19

Soph. Jack Marshall, Ashley: 18

Jr. Ren Powell, New Hanover: 16

Sr. Riley Campbell, Laney: 15

Soph. Hunter Bradley, Topsail: 14

Sr. Jake Jupena, Hoggard: 14

Soph. Tucker Parks, Topsail: 14

Sr. CJ Tyson, Ashley: 14

Jr. Smith Anderson, New Hanover: 13

Jr. Owen Daffer, Laney: 13

Sr. Wilkerson Garrett, Laney: 13

Sr. Connor McInerney, Hoggard: 13

Sr. Walker Edwards, Ashley: 11

Jr. Devin Noonan, Hoggard: 11

Soph. Jake Hession, Hoggard: 10

Jr. William McRainey, West Brunswick: 10

Jr. CJ Voigt, Laney: 10

Soph. Bryce Alkins, Ashley: 9

Soph. Sam Lord, Laney: 9

Soph. Ryan Wagner, West Brunswick: 9

Jr. Nick Bedson, Topsail: 8

Jr. Logan Teter, Ashley: 8


Sr. Eli Copeland, Topsail: 28

Sr. Hunter Williams, Hoggard: 22

Sr. Kenan Arne, Hoggard: 19

Jr. Kyle Hatcher, New Hanover: 18

Sr. CJ Tyson, Ashley: 15

Soph. Sam Lord, Laney: 14

Sr. Scout Philipp, Hoggard: 14

Jr. Devin Noonan, Hoggard: 13

Soph. Nic Lord, Laney: 12

Sr. Preston Meehl, Cape Fear Academy: 12

Soph. Bryce Alkins, Ashley: 11

Soph. Connor Jones, Hoggard: 11

Soph. Jack Marshall, Ashley: 11

Sr. Camden Knowles, Laney: 10

Soph. Eli Meyer, Hoggard: 10

Sr. Andy Kotz, Hoggard: 9

Jr. Logan Teter, Ashley: 9

Sr. Walker Edwards, Ashley: 8

Jr. Cade McGrady, Laney: 8

Sr. Connor McInerney, Hoggard: 8


Jr. Macon Sumner, Hoggard: 11.3

Sr. Noah Ehinger, Laney: 9.4

Sr. Reed Sweyer, Cape Fear Academy: 8.8

Soph. Matthew Ezzell, Cape Fear Academy: 6.0

Sr. Trevor Shelton, Cape Fear Academy: 5.0

Jr. Jack Barbee, New Hanover: 4.8

New Hanover’s Jack Barbee. [Tim Hower/Coastal Preps]

Sr. Preston Meehl, Cape Fear Academy: 4.5

Sr. Landon Pierpan, Cape Fear Academy: 4.3

Soph. Connor Jones, Hoggard: 3.8

Sr. Kameron Newkirk, New Hanover: 3.8

Soph. Ryan Wagner, West Brunswick: 3.8

Sr. Jake Volpe, Topsail: 3.7

Sr. Zykwan McQuillan, New Hanover: 3.6

Sr. Patrick Calhoun, Ashley: 3.5

Jr. Daniel Livermore, Laney: 3.4

Sr. Hunter Dotson, West Brunswick: 3.1

Jr. Logan Meehan, Topsail: 3.1

Sr. Eli Copeland, Topsail: 2.9

Sr. Cade Edwards, Hoggard: 2.9

Jr. Rex Hardy, Hoggard: 2.8

Jr. William McRainey, West Brunswick: 2.8

Soph. Trenton Hassel, Ashley: 2.7

Jr. Hayden McKeithan, West Brunswick: 2.7

Sr. Braxton Powell, West Brunswick: 2.7

Jr. Caelin Bahner, Cape Fear Academy: 2.5

Sr. Henry Murtagh, Cape Fear Academy: 2.5

Sr. Aidan Terry, Laney: 2.4

Fr. Patrick English, Ashley: 2.3

Soph. Konrad Homiak, Topsail: 2.3

Sr. Camden Knowles, Laney: 2.3

FACE-OFF PERCENTAGE (Min. 20 face-offs)

Sr. Noah Ehinger, Laney: .881 (119 of 135)

Jr. Macon Sumner, Hoggard: .740 (208 of 281)

Jr. Nevan Ehinger, Laney: .718 (28 of 39)

Sr. Hunter Dotson, West Brunswick: .686 (24 of 35)

Sr. Kit Allman, Laney: .597 (43 of 72)

Soph. Ryan Wagner, West Brunswick: .578 (52 of 90)

Fr. Cole Donner, Ashley: .557 (73 of 131)

Jr. Tyler Smith, Topsail: .500 (25 of 50)

SAVE PERCENTAGE (Min. 15 shots)

Jr. Logan Trafton, Hoggard: .709 (39 saves on 55 shots)

Fr. Owen Johnson, Cape Fear Academy: .583 (49 saves on 84 shots)

Soph. Ryan Harris, Ashley: .553 (73 saves on 132 shots)

Sr. Steven Warshaw, Laney: .500 (61 saves on 122 shots)

Laney’s Steven Warshaw. [Tim Hower/Coastal Preps]

Jr. Josh Raber, Hoggard: .491 (30 saves on 61 shots)

Jr. Car Sessoms, Topsail: .465 (58 saves on 125 shots)

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