List of area football players in college in 2022

Cover photo of Josh Jones courtesy of UNC Pembroke

New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender counties produce a large number of athletes that continue their careers at the next level. Here is a list of men’s basketball players from the area who are currently on a collegiate roster. Click the player’s name to go to their biography page. If you see an omission from this list, email

Albany (N.Y.)

Fr. tight end Carter Moses (2022 Hoggard grad)

Austin Peay (Tenn.)

R-Soph. defensive lineman J’vian McCray (2020 West Brunswick grad)


R-Fr. wide receiver Bernie Burns (2021 Topsail grad)

Fr. linebacker James Yopp (2022 Ashley grad)

Fr. wide receiver Ryan Young (2022 Ashley grad)

Baylor (Texas)

Sr. safety Al Walcott (2018 Laney grad)

Bluefield (Va.)

Jr. defensive lineman Quincy Robinson (2020 Ashley grad)


R-Fr. linebacker Morgan Moulton (2021 Hoggard grad)

Coastal Carolina (S.C.)

R-Fr. wide receiver Tate Davis (2021 North Brunswick grad)


Fr. linebacker Carter Wyatt (2022 West Brunswick grad)

East Carolina

Soph. kicker Owen Daffer (2020 New Hanover grad)

Jr. defensive lineman Elijah Robinson (2018 Ashley grad)

Ferrum (Va.)

Soph. running back Monzelle Campbell (2021 West Brunswick grad)


Jr. linebacker William McRainey (2020 West Brunswick grad)


Fr. defensive back Bishop Brown (2022 South Brunswick grad)


Soph. quarterback Jay Fletcher (2020 West Brunswick grad)

Fr. tight end Ryan Garmendiz (2022 Topsail grad)

Fr. running back Demark Howell (2022 Topsail grad)

Hamilton (N.Y.)

Fr. defensive lineman Grant Blackburn (2022 Ashley grad)

James Madison (Va.)

R-Jr. safety Francis Meehan (2018 New Hanover grad)

Kentucky Christian

Jr. wide receiver Lavell Henry (2019 Pender grad)

Jr. wide receiver Makhel Henry (2019 Pender grad)


Soph. linebacker Jakob Galluzzo (2021 South Brunswick grad)

Soph. linebacker True Robinson (2021 West Brunswick grad)


Soph. defensive end Noah Atkinson (2021 South Brunswick grad)

Fr. safety Antonio Bea (2022 Pender grad)

Fr. wide receiver Timothy Randolph (2022 Pender grad)

N.C. Central

Fr. wide receiver Connor Powe (2022 Laney grad)

N.C. State

Fr. safety Jaxon King (2022 Hoggard grad)

R-Soph. wide receiver Chris Toudle (2019 Hoggard grad)

N.C. Wesleyan

Fr. kicker Cody Kirk (2022 Topsail grad)

Fr. wide receiver Jadon Lee (2022 Pender grad)

North Carolina

Fr. defensive lineman Kody Kovacevic (2022 Ashley grad)

Old Dominion (Va.)

Fr. defensive lineman Chris Spencer (2022 Pender grad)

Presbyterian (S.C.)

Jr. running back Mikai Stanley (2020 New Hanover grad)

Randolph-Macon (Va.)

Sr. tight end Holland Baynard (2019 New Hanover grad) 

Soph. offensive lineman Bryson Boyette (2021 New Hanover grad)

Jr. running back Kwesi Clarke (2020 North Brunswick grad) 

Sr. safety Cade Edwards (2019 Hoggard grad)

Sr. safety Cade Jones (2019 Ashley grad) 

Fr. safety Chuck Jones (2022 Laney grad)

Fr. running back Jaxon Jones (2022 Ashley grad)

Soph. safety Jaycob Jones (2020 New Hanover grad)

Fr. wide receiver Semaje Moore (2022 New Hanover grad)

St. Andrews

Soph. defensive lineman Hasain Hussain (2021 West Brunswick grad)

Fr. defensive lineman Quaylin McZeke (2022 Laney grad)

St. Augustine’s 

Fr. linebacker Gavin McNair (2020 North Brunswick grad)

Fr. quarterback Isaac Moore (2022 New Hanover grad)

Troy (Ala.)

Sr. punter Michael Rivers (2018 North Brunswick grad)

UNC Pembroke

Sr. quarterback Josh Jones (2018 Hoggard grad)

Fr. quarterback Sam Jones (2022 Hoggard grad)

Fr. kicker/punter Damien Sorrells (2022 Hoggard grad)

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (N.Y.)

Soph. defensive back Chad Hollar (2021 Hoggard grad)

Wake Forest

R-Fr. tight end Gavin Ellis (2021 Topsail grad)


Fr. running back Danny Parker (2022 South Brunswick grad)

Wofford (S.C.)

R-Fr. linebacker Joey Kimberling (2021 Topsail grad)